Your Wedding Photography Timeline


If you recently got engaged (congrats!) you are probably gearing up to devote your entire life to planning your big day. You’ve probably seen some friends or family go through this, or at least have seen the movie “Bridesmaids” so you probably know how easy it is for this to turn into a full time job.

As your wedding photographer, I feel that it is super important that after you book me I don’t drop off the face of the planet until a month before your wedding, so there are many points throughout the year or two that we connect to talk details or sort through any questions you may have.

Here is a helpful timeline I share with couples at our initial meeting so they can get a sense of what the time will be like between the moment I am booked to delivery day and beyond.

Initial Meeting

Let’s get together and talk about you and your partner! When we meet, either in person, on the phone, or via facetime, I like to get a sense of who you are and what you are looking for in your wedding photos. I help you select a package that seems like the right fit and we talk a tiny bit about your wedding plans. Chances are these aren’t set in stone yet and that’s okay. We don’t sign contracts unless you are SUPER excited to book me!

Contract, Retainer and Insurance

You and your partner think about our initial meeting, send me any questions you may have, and hooray, you decide to book me! I send you a contract (written by a real lawyer) and invoice with pricing breakdowns to secure your date. The retainer is non-refundable should you decide to change the date or cancel your wedding. The retainer also secures your spot on my calendar. If another couple wants to book me for your wedding day and I have not received a retainer and contract from you, I will contact you with a 24 hour pay to secure notice.

If your venue requires a COI from your photographer, I can share that with you or the event coordinator at the venue.

Engagement Session


If you chose a package with an engagement session, we would set this up now! Engagement sessions are great practice for wedding day. Not only will this help you get comfortable with each other in front of the camera, this will also get you used to having me around.

Of course, the most exciting part about all of this is having that huge haul of gorgeous photos to print and display at your wedding!


Whatever your vibe is, I try and keep engagement sessions casual and fun. We could end up trouncing around in a field or finding that perfect light in an alleyway. I am happy to suggest my favorite local spots or go to a new one that is special to you!

What’s your vibe?

As you get all of your vendors booked and decorations visualized I like to check in and get a sense of how your wedding day will look and feel and how that will translate in our photos. I like to get a sense of your color palette, decor, and general inspiration for how your day will be.


If you are struggling with finding the right vendor, don’t be afraid to reach out. I’ve worked with many great wedding vendors in western mass and am happy to recommend them!

Feel free to send me all of the photos you love on Insta or share a pinterest board with me. While I’m not interested in replicating these photos I can get a sense of what kinds of images draw you in and why.

Wedding day shot list and itinerary

One month before your wedding we connect either by phone or in person to work on your wedding day shot list and itinerary. We confirm start time, end time, and all of the times in between. We take a stab at your family list and talk about your must have photos. If you are working with a wedding coordinator at your venue I will reach out to him/her to be sure that our timeline is realistic.

Confirm wedding day shot list and itinerary

Two weeks before your wedding we confirm your shot list and I share the details with the second photographer if one has been booked.

Wedding Day!


Today is the day! I will have your itinerary and shot list glued to me all day long. I may also have a pack of gum, bandaids, umbrellas, and deodorant (believe me all of these things have been requested of me at weddings!).

We stick to the itinerary as best we can, and if things have to change due to weather or major timing impacts we just agree to sort this out the best we can with what we have.

I’m pretty resourceful and quick on my feet so don’t stress too much about this!

Sneak Peak

Two to four weeks after your wedding I share a sneak peak of the big day here on my blog and across all of my social channels.

Delivery Day

Photos are ready 6-8 weeks after your event is over. The amount of photos for each wedding I shoot varies depending on how many photographers have been hired. Your photos are packaged up in a neat little gallery customized just for you!


Inside the gallery, images can be favorited for prints, canvases and other products. You can share the gallery with family and friends.

If you did not book a package that included USBs, albums or books, you can now purchase these here should you want to preserve your images in these formats. If you have questions about any of the items I offer, I am here to help you understand what everything is and make suggestions along the way!



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