fire cider

Product photography for Fire Cider

Fire cider is a take on an old folk remedy that owner Dana St. Pierre saw his German grandmother making as a child.

As it reads on their website, “he took one of her recipes—a mash-up of onions, garlic, and honey that she steeped in mason jars on a sunny windowsill—and gave it a modern makeover with spicy-sweet flavors. A country doctor suggested Dana add apple cider vinegar for its wealth of health-enhancing properties, and, over the course of a decade, he refined his recipe into our original Fire Cider tonic.”

Fire Cider hired me to freelance for a short contract that included product photography in a studio and three on-location branding sessions focused on building content for social channels and B2C/B2B e-mail campaigns.

The goal was to re-haul their product imagery for the launch their new website and build up a photo library for upcoming holiday marketing campaigns.


I photographed the products in various real life settings including grocery stores, coffee shops, and bakeries all over western Massachusetts. Showcasing a product in real situations is great content for social media and email campaigns. Showing a product in situ builds a story around it and can evoke feelings.


I also photographed their products on a white backdrop for more consistency on their website. I had a lot of with this one and found it to be a nice change of pace!


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