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The Gomes Family - Golden hour family photos at Silver Bell Farm


I feel so lucky to have kicked off my sunset mini sessions at Silver Bell Farm with this super sweet family! If you saw my last blog preview, you’ll know that these sessions started with some heavy rain. The Gomes family was actually standing out in the field with me when the rain started coming down. We all ran into the event space at the farm until the storm passed, and thankfully it did! I am so grateful that we had such beautiful light after the rain!

Marco and Leigh-Ann just had their second baby girl in September and were super excited to celebrate their new family with some photos.

They were such good sports and even in the rain I didn’t hear their littlest make a peep!


Biggest thanks to the Gomes family for being such troopers with the weather! I had so much fun photographing your little family!


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Silly, Messy Love - Northfield, MA Family Session


If you have kids of your own, you know that having a family is hard work. Of course family love is unconditional and has no end, but let’s be real, sometimes this kind of love can feel messy and exhausting. You catch yourself doing odd things to keep your children from losing focus or melting down, and the best you can do is embrace it.

My background is in photojournalism, so when I get to work with a family that just wants to be a family while I hang out with my camera, I get pretty excited. The Crowley family wanted just that for their family session at their home in Northfield, Massachusetts, and I was more than happy to capture all of the silly, messy love they have for each other.


It was a HOT summer day and after getting a few photos in the sunny field across the street from their home, they just had to jump in the pool.

And no, they did not change out of their nice family picture clothes!

To the Crowley family — thank you for sharing all of these wild family moments with me. It was such a treat to capture a slice of your adventure.


Telling Your Story - Newborn Lifestyle Session

Last year, almost to the day, I was capturing all of the love at Christina and Josh's wedding at the Publick House in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.


Two weeks ago, and just shy of a few days from their first wedding anniversary, I had the pleasure of meeting their 2 week old daughter, Alexandria Rae, for a photo session in their home.

Isn't it amazing how much your life can change in just one year?


For me, photographing a wedding is my way of telling the story of how two people started their lives together and being able to continue that story with a couple's first baby makes it extra special.


Christina and Josh, happy anniversary and thank you for having me capture so many big moments in your life! You both come from loving families and I know you are going to be the best parents. Enjoy every minute!