Branding Session for Millside Studio in Ludlow, MA

springfield mass microblading

Ana has been working toward building her own microblading practice for many years and finally all of her hard work is coming together. Recently, she decided opened Millside Studio, a brand new microblading studio in Ludlow. She needed photographs to help launch her website and social media accounts and she reached out to me to book a session in the spring.

I visited her space beforehand and worked with her to create a diverse set of photos that spoke to her brand and showcased her new space and talent. We decided to take her photos inside her studio and at the Ludlow Mills, which was the inspiration for naming her business. She also wanted to have some images showing her process, so she had a client come in to model.

springfield mass microblading
springfield mass microblading
springfield mass microblading

Ana is licensed, certified, insured and incredibly good at what she does!  She already has a big client base and I can see it only getting bigger when her studio officially opens. She is conveniently located right in the center of town in a building that she and her husband have been renovating since last year. They’ve done an amazing job and it’s really turning into a beautiful space!

springfield mass microblading

Keep an eye out for this business as she makes all of the finishing touches to the outside! Congrats Ana on all of your hard work and thank you for working with me! I can’t wait for your doors to open!

springfield mass microblading

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Product Photography for Bindertek

Bindertek recently overhauled their website and wanted fresh product photography to brighten their pages. I recently finished up a stop motion video series with them. In April, they sent me home with boxes full of binders to photograph.

I am having fun with this project. It’s a nice change of pace from weddings and family sessions. I definitely get into a rhythm when a mountain of product like this shows up. Here is a sample of some of the work I’ve done for them.

massachusetts product photography
freelance product photography
freelance product photography

If you are a product based business that needs updated photography, send me a message! I’d love to help clean up your site!

massachusetts product photography
massachusetts product photography
massachusetts product photography

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Stop Motion Video Series for Office Solution Company Bindertek

Bindertek offers sleek organizational solutions to businesses and business professionals. Their product line includes really great binders (of course), binder accessories and quality office products imported from Europe. I worked with the marketing team at Bindertek to create a package of short videos that they could use in email campaigns, on their blog, and on social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some of my favorites from the 20 part how-to video series largely driven by stop-motion. Each video presented a common office problem that was quickly resolved by a Bindertek product.

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Photography for Iron Pioneer Metalsmiths - Westfield, MA Blacksmith


Dave Procopio spent years in the construction business on the eastern side of the state before moving out to western Massachusetts to raise his family in the country. With a background in aviation maintenance, welding, business and construction, Procopio said that blacksmithing draws on all of his skills in a really unique way.

His studio is warm and cozy and filled with all of the old school charm you’d expect from a blacksmith.

A new website is in the works for Iron Pioneer Metalsmiths and Dave was looking for some fresh content so he had me over to the workshop for the day to capture what he does best.

It was hard to narrow down my favorites from this one. I photographed fire and smoke and metal and power hammers and all of these crazy things that are just so dramatic to watch in real life. It felt great to draw on some of my background in photojournalism and to use some of the new lights I bought! Thanks for sharing your craft with me Dave!


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Product photography for Fire Cider

Fire cider is a take on an old folk remedy that owner Dana St. Pierre saw his German grandmother making as a child.

As it reads on their website, “he took one of her recipes—a mash-up of onions, garlic, and honey that she steeped in mason jars on a sunny windowsill—and gave it a modern makeover with spicy-sweet flavors. A country doctor suggested Dana add apple cider vinegar for its wealth of health-enhancing properties, and, over the course of a decade, he refined his recipe into our original Fire Cider tonic.”

Fire Cider hired me to freelance for a short contract that included product photography in a studio and three on-location branding sessions focused on building content for social channels and B2C/B2B e-mail campaigns.

The goal was to re-haul their product imagery for the launch their new website and build up a photo library for upcoming holiday marketing campaigns.


I photographed the products in various real life settings including grocery stores, coffee shops, and bakeries all over western Massachusetts. Showcasing a product in real situations is great content for social media and email campaigns. Showing a product in situ builds a story around it and can evoke feelings.


I also photographed their products on a white backdrop for more consistency on their website. I had a lot of with this one and found it to be a nice change of pace!


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Wrap it up! VIDEO for MY Z WRAPS

In 2017, in her home kitchen, Michelle Zimora took one of her favorite printed fabrics and coated it in a blend of beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin.  After continual testing, she got the recipe just right.  The result was a reusable, washable Z Wrap, where pretty meets practical, for your lunchbox, leftovers, hostess gifts and more.

Michelle reached out to me looking for video services for her new business venture. Things seemed to be taking off pretty quickly for her and she wanted to have enough content to keep up with the momentum. We met and discussed a number of ideas, ultimately settling on a short series showing food items magically being wrapped in zwraps without hands.

I thought this was a great way to show off how easy these are to use and also how cool the prints are! The videos are short and sweet, perfect for the wide array of social channels Michelle uses.

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Photoshoot for

Back in November I shot a collection of beautiful hand knit garments at UMASS Amherst for We normally shoot on location here in Western, Mass, which means our settings are pretty rural. This time I was instructed to find a spot that "wasn't in nature", so I chose to use the massive concrete structures at UMASS Amherst as a backdrop. 

I was a student at UMASS for 2 years and, I will admit, I hated all of the concrete on campus. I felt like I was living in a weird post apocalyptic future town. This photoshoot totally turned my opinion around on that. I loved shooting there. I had so much fun framing up my shots and finding patterns in the concrete. This felt more graphic than what I normally do.

The model is Shannon Hughes, hair and make-up by Shannon Hughes, photo and styling help Emma Welford. Designs by Amy Herzog for Valley Yarns.