the plan holyoke

The Plan

This package included a full branding session in their space, headshots of employees, group photos, and photos of people at work. View highlights here.



This package included a 20 part how-to video series largely driven by stop-motion. Each video presented a common office problem that was quickly resolved by a Bindertek product. View some of my favorites here.

Fire Cider

Their package included product photography in a studio and three on-location branding sessions focused on building content for social channels and B2C/B2B e-mail campaigns. View highlights here.

zwraps logo

My Z Wraps

This package included a series of short stop-motion videos to showcase their reusable food wraps. View the series here.



Iron Pioneer Metalsmiths

This western Massachusetts based blacksmith hired me for a branding session and to photograph some of his finished work. View some of my favorite photos here.